California, loveee, i’m singing this song since Mexico, maybe it’s also familiar for you!

After Mexico, the first destination was Los Angeles, where i met one of my really good friend finally, after months. The weather is not that caribbean anymore, in the evening you better wear a jacket, but during the day the average is 15-20°C, even more in LA. The airport transfer took me to the Walk of Fame, in Hollywood, where you can find all the stars with the famous actors, producers, etc. Here you don’t need too much time to get in to the Californian mood. On the streets lot of people wants to talk to you, smile on you, and on their face you can see the “i fuckin’ love my life” expression. So, be careful, because in the end you start to love your life too.


American dream

American dream


Welcome to The United States where they put sugar into the salad; where they say “Hello, How are you?”, and they mean “Hello!” ; where random people smiles on you on the street; where they adore your accent; where they have their own units; where they have always sales; and where Ryan Gosling lives.

Yesterday it was one month ago that i arrived to the motherland of McDonalds. A bit everything is like in the movies, giant jeeps, wide roads, many people, american accent, hamburgers. The weirdest for me after Israel, that i understand every word on the streets, and also the fake smile on the people faces, a bit like the smile reflex of the babies – you smile on them and they smile back….in that case not a naturally way.

Hello, How are you? I use to answer on this question, even if they didn’t mean it at all, and then they are staring at me, it’s actually pretty funny.

About the location

New York state, almost at the border of Canada. The winter is coming…haha, but for real, really soon we need to fight with -30°C degrees. After Israel, i have some problem with the cold weather, i miss the sun, the sea, the long walks at the beach and the hot sand under my feet.

About the food

We buy the groceries from Walmart, they have all these crazy big packages. The milk is like 4 liters…incredible. In every products you can find the corn syrup…ahh. Even that they have that many fat people and also diabetics, there is sugar in everything, of course you can find some sugar free stuffs, if you’re looking for them really hard, but they are more expensive than the normal ones.

Almost for all the products, they have the kosher version, of course it’s not for me, but for my roomates. But i think it’s an interesting fact.

The coffee is a shit…yes, as i said. Even if it’s Starbucks, or whatever, it’s very watery. I started to drink the instant Nescafé, but you don’t know what would i give for a turkish coffee…

I also checked the Burger King, i mean the prices there. For around 4 dollars, you can have a whole menu, which would be cheap, but also scary…you don’t need to wondering about why they have that amount of obese people.

About people

So, shallowness, you can feel it in the air. Many times i recognize, that behind the questions there is no interest, they ask you, because they always ask. Of course i met many people who was interesting, positive, and intelligent.

Many times when they ask me where am i from, and i say from Hungary….i see the total blur in their mind, but they are nodding like crazy. Me, i’m enjoying all these minutes, and also the tips they say about my origin. I was Turkish, Polish, Spanish, British (totally inexplicable), Ukrainian, French, Belgian…and who knows what else. The point is that they are in love with almost any accent.

I still need to get used to this mentality…but i will keep you posted about the happenings these days.

For now this is the end…









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