Now the current stop is Mexico, Quintana Roo state, Playa del Carmen city, 1 hour bus trip from Cancun.


I already started to enjoy the mexican life, first with the local empanadas.



This one is with chicken and cheese. When they serve it , you need to open it and put the cabbage inside. Then you can put some spicy sauce and cream on it. Quiet a really nice food, especially when you eat in a local place made by a real mexican mamasita ­čÖé

I also ate taco and quesadillas. Plus i tried ceviche, just with fish (i’m not a sea food fan, sorry). It’s fish in lime juice, with tomato, cilantro and onion, and you eat with tortilla chips, it’s just amazing.


The water is incredibly clear, actually you can see your feet while you’re swimming. But you can’t drink from the water here, you have two options,┬ámineral water, or boil it for at least 10 minutes.

If someone told me a year ago that i’ll spend my new year in Mexico, probably i would laugh very loudly on this, i’m happy that life treats me with these positive surprises.


Here the currency is Mexican peso. One USD is abot 13 pesos.

Definitely it’s cheaper here than the States. In the restaurants you eat under 10 dollars easily. The alcohol the same! One kilo lime costs around half dollar, incredible, guacamole time is coming!

Taxi, buses are really cheap also, as the public taxi. With the last one i had a change in the expression of “full”. We stopped to pick up a family on the way, even we had no free space at all. One of the kid was standing in the van, the other one sat with the Mom, Daddy went to the front somehow, and then i realized we are sitting 15 of us with the driver….hahha. Here it’s totally legal to sit in the back of the car, or anywhere, unusual place, even with a lot of people, that’s why you can see some funny scene. Like 3 people riding a scooter, etc…

Soon the BPM festival is on air, where crazy amount of DJ-s will play and lot of parties will be at the beaches as well. Last year around 30 thousands people came to Playa to participate at this festival.

Now, vamos a la playa, which is located 3 minutes from my accommodation. Adios and see you soon Guys!

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