I’m thinking a lot about food lately, what’s its role in our life? Why is it important to share meals with people? How a generation to another shares knowledge related to food? Why is it so good eating?

Time travel to my childhood

I can tell you many food I loved when I was a kid. If I make some of them today, I’m in for a spontaneous time travel.
Food would be the only way to do time travel? Am I becoming suddenly an 8 years old, while I’m having my favorite meal? Maybe.
Anyhow, the time space continuum opens up for a short time, and it grabs me away to this place, where it’s really nice to be.

Plum dumplings and Me

Two weeks ago, me, my sister and my grandma’s sister made potato dumplings.
Since I started not eating gluten, I kinda ignored this amazing food item. But this time, I really wanted to try making it with a gluten free flour mix, and see if it’s possible to enjoy it as much as when I was a kid.

As I’m mashing the potatoes, add the fat, egg, and the flour mix, I start to think, that this experimentation could actually end up being successful. But how much will it resemble the classic version.

Half plum goes into the middle of the squared dough, I sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on the top, pinch the corners of the dough together, of course gently, because the gluten free dough is less elastic. But wait, it works!
I hope it won’t break while we’re cooking it, it seems so fragile.
But it handles the boiling water, and swims up to the top, as a warrior just surviving its battle.
I can’t wait to put it into the pan, and coat it with some bread crumbs.

Plum and cinnamon, match made in heaven, I tell myself, and with a fork I gently cut the dumpling in half. I dip it into the lactose free sour cream, then in some more cinnamon sugar, and the time travel begins. Gluten free or not, the dumpling is perfect, and I think it’s even better, than the classic version.
I’m enjoying the time in that special place, where I seem to connect with the ladies in the generations before me, who were also making dumplings in their kitchen, maybe even somewhere else than Hungary.

Of course, every time travel has to end, and that’s when the questions comes up. When can I relive this experience? Maybe making that other kind of long dumplings, covered in poppyseed sugar mix, could it be as successful as this project?

New Baking Project

I made some time yesterday, and made a new batch of dumplings. Small rolled dumplings coated with either of bread crumbs, or poppyseed with sugar. Oh my! They were so good!

If we’re talking about space time continuum already, I might be able to travel to the future as well. For a short time, I saw myself making dumplings to my unborn children. I have no idea when and where this will happen, but it will be fabulous for sure!

Please cook and eat something!

Also send me in the comments, or message: what are your favorite childhood meals?

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