8 Tips When You Don’t Have Money For Traveling

8 Tips When You Don’t Have Money For Traveling

I know, there are times when you have no money at all to travel, or even for a long weekend somewhere. I was in this situations not even just once. The question is, what we can do in this situation? Walking with closed eyes on the street avoiding to see any of those tempting advertisement about spending the long weekend in Paris. Deleting all the friends on Facebook, who’s laying at the beach at the moment?

The answer: NO, not at all, do the opposite!

Whatever you want to reach, you need to pay attention to it. Start to train your conscious, that You gonna travel! Because first You need to believe in it!

I remember, a couple of years ago I said to someone that I will teach yoga one day in Thailand at the beach in a nice open bungalow. What was the reaction? Laugh…and of course, I got uncertain about what I just said. But it wasn’t a joke. Today, I can certainly say, with a small amount of organizing I know I could do it. And that feeling is the best one on the world. I know when we want to reach something, we start to work for it, believe in it, it needs to be a success. But I didn’t believe in this for so long!

What can You do to reach your dream to travel?


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