I know, there are times when you have no money at all to travel, or even for a long weekend somewhere. I was in this situations not even just once. The question is, what we can do in this situation? Walking with closed eyes on the street avoiding to see any of those tempting advertisement about spending the long weekend in Paris. Deleting all the friends on Facebook, who’s laying at the beach at the moment?

The answer: NO, not at all, do the opposite!

Whatever you want to reach, you need to pay attention to it. Start to train your conscious, that You gonna travel! Because first You need to believe in it!

I remember, a couple of years ago I said to someone that I will teach yoga one day in Thailand at the beach in a nice open bungalow. What was the reaction? Laugh…and of course, I got uncertain about what I just said. But it wasn’t a joke. Today, I can certainly say, with a small amount of organizing I know I could do it. And that feeling is the best one on the world. I know when we want to reach something, we start to work for it, believe in it, it needs to be a success. But I didn’t believe in this for so long!

What can You do to reach your dream to travel?

Here Are My Tips


Where do you want to go, what you want to see? How can you get there? Plan, plan, think, think!


Nothing is better than to boost your brain with some pictures. Collect some of your dream destinations, make a folder for them.


There is a movie filmed at the place you want to go? Or a cool short movie about it, with a lot of interesting facts? Get some popcorn, blanket and watch it!

Flight tickets

I guess I never told how we ended up in Israel two years ago, and why I choose as a destination? Once upon a time on the way back from London, I started to read the WizzAir magazine they have on board. That time they just launched flights towards to Tel Aviv. I looked at the amazing pictures, I read the average article about it, but then I couldn’t forget the Israel thing. A couple of days later I checked up on the prices of the flights to the White City. I got excited because I found some really good deals. So, If I remember well, one week later we already had the tickets, and one month later we had one of the best vacation there with a really low budget, because we used CouchSurfing, so the accommodation was totally free. I don’t say, that You should buy a ticket, immediately, but don’t afraid to check the prices to the dream destination. It’s one of my favorite thing to do. What if I went to Tokyo in December? How much would it be? So much fun!


You want to go to Portugal? Thailand? Or Morocco? With the internet, we need the only a couple of seconds with a help of Google and we can scroll between millions of recipes. So, here’s the deal! Make a Portugal/Chinese/whatever night at home. Make a nice dish and enjoy. You better get used to the local food, right?

Foreigners, travelers

Nothing gives me more inspiration than people who traveled a lot around the world. They have the best tips about where to go, when, and how. Search for opportunities to get in touch with these people. Discuss where to eat the best authentic Pho in Vietnam, or where to roll out your beach towel in Thailand to avoid the tourists. There are a lot of public talk, discussions with travelers. You can start with joining to one of those groups on Facebook.


Didn’t you use your English/French/German lately? When you’re traveling it come pretty handy if you spoke the local language, or at least some English. Many free programs, applications offer help to learn languages. With Tandem, you can chat with foreigners, or make a video call with them to practice languages. On your profile, you can set up what are your preferred languages, and which level you speak them. With Duolingo you can easily learn languages with your phone. I also suggest to watch foreign movies, series, first with a subtitle, and then you can just watch without any help. That’s how I learned English because at school I was lazy.

Travel Blogs

I follow a lot of people, their blogs, Instagram profiles, etc. Every day it gives some inspiration and helps how to make this whole traveling thing better and easier.


Have fun with the preparation!

Let me know which tip you found the best, or what extra would you add to the post to make it complete?

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