There are situations when a car would be handy to take you home. You are abroad without a car, or you don’t even have a car, it’s night and you don’t want to take the risk using the public transport. Of course there are the taxi companies, but they charge you with a crazy amount of money…I don’t even talk about being a foreigner, because then you might be tricked with double, triple of the normal price.

There is a cheaper option, and this is Uber! I met this app in Los Angeles, we were about leaving a club at 2 am, and a car showed up and took us home, even stopped at a burger place to get some takeaway food. What a nice driver was! In the United States it’s a really famous application, and you can use it in almost every city.

Here is some q&a, and some useful tips about Uber! It’s gonna be super easy to travel in a cheap way around the big cities!


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