Last year on 13th April we headed to the San Francisco airport to catch our flight to Bangkok at 1 am. For Grant, it was the first time to leave the USA, since then we traveled to 17 countries together.

One year of traveling on the map, 17 countries

I collected some questions that you were interested in, based on the messages I received.

It seems like a miracle when you actually live this life?

Absolutely! For me, this is not natural, or easy. Every single time we go to a new place, new country and when we are there, every day it comes to my mind, how lucky I am to experience all these beauties.

Which country is my favorite?

One of the hardest question. I never have only one favorite, but multiple ones. As I don’t like this ‘rule’, I tell you more. Favorites are Japan, Thailand, Hawaii (USA), Italy. For me, it’s natural, that all Europe means a lot to me.

How do we decide on the next place to go?

I think, part of the freedom, that you’re not planning too much in front. In the last months we followed this path, and multiple times it happened that we got the tickets at the same week of the journey. First of all, it’s an amazing feeling, but sometimes it can hurt the budget, or can cause problems at the airport because it’s just suspicious, and it can lead to a lot of extra questions. Keep it in mind!

Sometimes we choose based on cheap flight tickets or the proximity of the country, but we also had a country that both of us always wanted to go there ( like Japan). One time we excluded a country because it was a high terrorism alert (Malaysia), but these days the number of countries affected like this can be high, we try to not worry too much about this.

I think mostly our travel is spontaneous, it makes the whole journey more exciting as you don’t know where you spend the next month 🙂

How can I afford to travel that much?

Who would’ve known that this question was the more frequent in your messages? As a Hungarian, I wasn’t surprised too much about it.

In the beginning, I had some really low amount of savings, and in the destinations, I tried to get some jobs that were available. Therefore, when you read the tips, when you don’t have money, those are really the things that worked for me. If you tried to do a low budget traveling, read the how to travel alone post, I share a lot of budget saving tips in it.

Last year I sold my apartment and all my belongings, so I’m okay for a while, but in the meantime, I don’t spend my time on the couch watching series. I’m learning to code for a year now, and now I build websites based on WordPress. If you need a website, or you’re interested in my portfolio, feel free to write me!

Something you need to know, my family was never wealthy or anything, so I know for sure, that’s not the key of traveling, if you really want it, do something, and it’s gonna happen!

Are there hard times during traveling?

Yes, many times. I just had recently a desire to stop for a while, have a place called home and time for regenerate. It became too much to handle constantly the accommodation, what to eat, where to go, visas, only two weeks left at this country problem, what’s the price of the flight ticket…etc.

They say when you have this kind of a hard time, it’s time to take it slow, get some routine in the daily life, and not least talk about it. There is a rapidly growing large community on the internet, let’s call them digital nomad, having the same issues, happy and sad moments, and that helps a lot. Sharing is caring…I guess. But now it’s time to go to New Zealand, experience some nature. It might help! 🙂

Is it better to travel alone or with a partner?

Based on my experience I would say, you need to try to travel alone because it’s just a special feeling. I wrote about it here! I’m still planning some solo traveling, but now it’s really amazing with Grant. We had time to get along, know each other’s weakness, strength. That’s why I always say, in case you want to know someone better, don’t move with him/her together, go together for a trip lasting at least 1 month! For sure you gonna experience every negative and positive sides of your partner. 🙂

Traveling with a partner gives security, and helps to divide the tasks amongst you. I am better to find cheap flight tickets, in the meantime, he’s good to find dream apartments on AirBnb.

When will we stop to travel?

I’ll let you know in case I know.

Do I regret to not working as a physiotherapist?

I think most of you knows about me being a physiotherapist, I mean, on paper. After graduation, I jumped on a flight to go to Israel, and I don’t regret it even for a second. I always had this travel bug disturbing me all the time, that I need to see the world. I pictured myself finishing my studies, getting a job, meeting someone, being married, giving birth, and it terrified me. I was sure, one day I will be super disappointed that earlier I wasn’t brave enough to just go…That doesn’t mean that this is the only option for everyone, but for me it was. I consider my life is just too short to think about what if I did something.

I never worried about it, if I have something to do with physiotherapy in the future, I will know for sure.

Now, I’m “just” happy! 🙂


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