There are a lot of things I’ve never heard of, I was scared to try, or just the person was missing who could introduce it for me. Here are the 10 things I needed to travel to like them, try them.

1. Sushi

If someone said one year ago, that I’m gonna be a sushi lover…I would’ve started to laugh badly. Even to think about the raw fish made me feel bad. I never got it, why a lot of people like it, for me raw fish, meat were equal to danger. Nice stereotype, I guess.

Then an American guy came and felt like he has a mission to introduce sushi to me and how to eat with a chopstick because no one ever succeeded before. I think he was lucky, now we are about to planning our trip to Japan and eat sushi every damn day.

It’s a good example of letting go our fear with facing them. First I started with a really small bite, now I can easily eat big nigiri. Oh, and I also really enjoy them! 🙂

Sushi we had in Sydney (Australia)

2. Pho

This post might have a lot of food-related topics, sorry for that, but I just love them. Pho is a Vietnamese soup, which has a very good reputation already all over the world. The first I had was in Manchester, but so far the best one I had, was in Hawaii. My favorite is with steak, fixed with some basil, chili. Also let’s not forget about, that pho is gluten free, they make it with rice noodles. A trip to Vietnam is also in mind because we want to try the authentic pho there.

Pho Bo from Pho91 in Amsterdam3. Bubble tea

I remember, I stopped someone on the street of San Francisco ask her what she’s drinking. I saw some tea looking fluid in the plastic cup, and on the bottom some dark colored balls. That was the bubble tea, aka boba tea, originally from Taiwan. It has many many types, like milk tea, unsweetened, sweet, with tapioca pearls, or with lychee jellies, and who knows what else. My favorite is jasmine-lychee tea with tapioca pearls.


4. Seinfeld

In Hungary, it might be a not crazy well-known show as “the enemy” Friends, but it’s a pretty good one too. Now I’m a fan of both. It’s easy to get addicted, as now I’m already at season 7.


5. Whole Foods

American supermarket chain, specialized for organic products. Even in my dream, I couldn’t hope for things like kombucha on tap in three different tastes, healthy snacks and whatever you can imagine. The only thing you need to aware of, to not spend all of your money there.

In this May 3, 2011 photo, shoppers depart a Whole Foods Market store location in Providence, R.I. Whole Foods Market Inc. reports quarterly financial earnings Wednesday, May 4, 2011, after the market close. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

6.  Chai latte

Heart warmer drink. Mine made with soy milk, which makes a really good combination with chai tea. Try in case you never did it before!


7.  Thai food

No matter what, but it needs to be thai. Rice noodle, crunchy vegetables, and chili. I had my first Thai food in Budapest, but I never thought I’m gonna be that huge fan. Now on it’s one of my precious favorites.

Pad thai made by us on a cooking class

8. Acai bowl

If you like granola, fresh fruits for breakfast, then this one is for you. They add some acai berry, and that makes the taste more intense, and let’s not forget, it’s also super healthy. This one is a new favorite, I just had my first one in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Love at first try!

9. Airbnb

First time I tried in Mexico, I rented a studio for 13 days in Playa del Carmen. Since then, I got to be lucky to stay in other people places in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and in Hawaii. I love that we can have a bit bigger, but cozy place just for us, most of the time with a kitchen, where I can make food, and if it has a balcony, terrace, that’s a huge plus for me,

Register here, you get 20$ off from your first booking. Click on this link Buddy!


10. Netflix, Spotify

I cheated a bit, I mentioned two things, but their system is quiet the same. You pay a monthly fee and for that, you can access to a database, with Spotify it’s all about music, Netflix, you know, movies and series. Then you just need a good internet and you can enjoy!


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