Go to a Eurotrip with car? Yes! We gave 1 month for this “project”, without actually planning too much. We had several days without knowing where we gonna spend the night, it’s quiet exciting that way.

We headed to the north of Italy, first stop was in…


 I didn’t know too much about, just heard the name sometimes, but Man, it was really good! We chose it because of the beach and the proximity to Venice. Nice people, sea, and finally Italy!!

Accommodation tip:

Almar Hotel: a bit pricey, but worth the money, you can easily find budget hotel options in the town


Couple of days later we went to…


Many years ago i visited the water town for some hours, therefore i would’ve skip on it this time, but Grant heard so many things about it, he needed to see, and to be honest, it was just worth it! I have no idea how many times i need to realize, that i don’t need to give any damn about the past, if i liked something or not, everything can change in years, so do I. Always give a chance!

It was super good to walk around on the tiny streets, finding again the St. Marco square, and on the way back using Siri, getting to a cool restaurant. Wherever you go, i highly recommend to buy a local simcard with data. It’s super convenient when you get lost, you want to check up on something, you want to use the navigation or just tell to your family that you’re still alive.


Late night using the highway we arrived to…


And why this place? Because we liked the name and it was on the beach. We didn’t regret, it was really amazing. Wonderful sea, long bicycle road, cool breakfast with mozzarella, and there was also a gastronomy festival that time in the city: with good sparkling wine, cheese, olives, liquors, and gluten free sweets. We got some wine from there, and then we enjoyed on the terrace in Nice. In the local stores you can get really good wines for 4-6 euros, it feels like there is a huge sale everyday :).

Accommodation tip: 

  • Savoia Hotel: cheaper one, but still good quality hotel with awesome staff and breakfast on the terrace


At this time we were more than enjoying Italy, it wasn’t enough at all. I was always curious about Toscana. For some days we stopped in Pelago (next to Florence). On the way there we got through curvy roads, mountains, but you feel everything makes sense when you see this view from the top. Mountains, colors, smells, olive trees, these things mean Toscana for me.


I have the best time if we go somewhere (it can be a restaurant, hotel, small shop) and this place has a soul. They give a smile, we have some talk, they suggest something, i feel that i got something more than my food for dinner.

In this little village there was only one restaurant. We knew some info about it: the service isn’t that fast, they speak only italian, but they have good food.  We had such a good two nights there, when i think about it, i need to smile immediately. Two super cute old guys were running all over in the tiny place with lot of smile and willingness to help. I used all of my italian to discuss what are the best options for dinner. First night we told them we come back next day, we received a huge smile when we really came back the next dinner time with empty stomach.

We succeeded to order a steak (with more than 1 kg weight). It was beautiful, super big, tasty and we just couldn’t finish. In the end of the night with a heartwarming handshake we said arrivederci. This is one of the reason i really like to travel. It’s nothing better than to remember this cool moments from another part of the world.

Leaving Toscana we headed towards to the French Riviera but stopped for one night in San Remo.


One of my favorite place that we saw. Has a special vibe, a bit not that french but more european, and so beautiful. If you like the color blue, please go to Nice. On the picture below there is no any filter, correction, this is how it looks in real life!


During more than one week, we saw lot of things, we tasted different food, wine, we were staring at the sea from the rooftop of the hotel, and we rented a small apartment via AirBnb.

If your looking for good restaurants, i have some advice:

  • Le Magnan: i ate ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, it was perfect
  • Pizza d’Or: in 10 minutes you can get a fresh pizza of your choice, amazing, and 8 euro
  • Attimi: italian restaurant, with bio ingredients and wine
  • La Voglia: italian restaurant again, with huge portions, we were eating my pasta salad for 2 days

Accommodation tip: 

  • AirBnb: in really good neighborhoods for a good price you can have your own apartment living the local life, just have energy to choose from the many possibilities



For one afternoon we rode to the mountain through sharp curves until the top where this village situates. When we arrived there i felt that my body merged together with the car seat. I guess it’s not good to combine acrophobia with this kind of roads, but with this thinking i could’ve not seen too many things in my life.


So why tourists come to this place? There is an easy answer. Amazing view! Wherever you look, it’s just crazy beautiful. You can see the beaches of France but also a bit the Italian part of it. In the other directions, mountains and mountains. If you were walking enough and checked the landscape all over, get some lunch in one of the restaurants. Some of them offers some nice view too. Be careful, funny waiters!

Nóri, thanks for the suggestion! I don’t think we could’ve explore this amazing place without you.


From Nice 30 minutes ride with car (or bus, train) and you’re in Monaco. Small city, but fully builded, that’s how it became the most densely populated country (and second smallest). We checked out the Monte Carlo Casino, as a friday night Ferraris and their owners came to have some fun (maybe this is the only option there), twirling the car on this 150 m road in front of the casino. I think in 15 minutes i saw more crazy expensive car than during my whole life.


The time has arrived when finally i saw Spain! Years and years waiting for this moment. Tons of tourists, 30 degree in the shade, the beach is on full, but the sangria is so amazing, i can’t describe with words.

Tapas, and mamas, restaurants, and if you can avoid the tourist traps then you won and you had a great time in Barcelona!

If you’re hungry…

Mexican food:

  • Tlaxcal: guacamole with home made tortillas, tacos and margarita


  • Can Dende:  mimosa (champagne with freshly squeezed orange juice), pancake, eggs in every form
  • Travel and cake: amazing salads, coffee, and whatever you want for  a perfect brunch
  • Copasetic: perfect brunch, hummus, gluten free burgers, pancakes

Indian food:

  • Bembi: authentic indian food

Vegan food:

  • Flax and Kale: vegan and raw food served like in heaven, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, green juices, that was a taste and color orgy 🙂

Barcelona gives a lot amount of things to do. You can go to swim in the sea, running at the beach, visiting the museums, take a walk in the Parc Güell, discover the Casa Mila…etc.

Accomodation tip:

  • AirBnb: many, many apartments, rooms waiting for you for cheap price
  • W Hotel: nut a budget hotel, but the view worth for the money, highly recommended for special occasions

One month was flying away immediately and we got back to Hungary to spend a week or more there, and we couldn’t wait more to go for a second EUROTRIP. We still didn’t get tired of traveling, maybe it’s not even possible.

Now I’m writing this post from London. It looks like we have a good day here without rain, so i grab my bag and take the underground to visit my sister.

Stay tuned! New post really soon, yeah, this time for real!





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