This is the Hebrew name of the city. I spent two wonderful days there in the Jewish quarter of the old city. This place has an amazing vibe, actually, i can not describe with words. You need to feel it by yourself.

I visited one of my really good friends who finally came back from New York. He has an amazing flat where I felt just like at home.

We have been in the most religious area of the Jewish quarter outside of the wall, called Ge’ula. Usually, i have problems with my clothes, my knees and shoulders are always visible, as it’s 40°C outside, in these moments some scarfs can be useful. Rarely you can have confrontation by the extreme religious people.

That’s an interesting fact that in the ultra-orthodox community not being married at age around 20 is a bit weird, you can see many young people carrying a baby on the street, and/or the woman is pregnant. I think they don’t have the problem with fertility, a family has usually 5-6 kids at least.

There is a rule, a woman can’t touch an ultra-orthodox man, of course, i made the mistake, I tried to shake his hand and you know the dead fish effect when somebody’s hand is dying in your hand….that happen. You learn new things every day! Sorry Dude!

One of the days I had breakfast with a Rabbi, and a Jewish woman who was originally from the USA, also during these days I ate kosher food.

We eat falafel with laffa (it’s like the tortilla, but a bit thicker).

Jerusalem was a bit like an island of peace for me, the terrace with a lot of lights, the only school’s bell in the old city sometimes (it’s quiet hard to get into this school, and the students study there in the 365 days of the year).

Every afternoon the wind is coming in Jerusalem. The air is getting to be cold, which is great, not like in Tel Aviv, you have the same muggy air all the time outside.

Jerusalem is a jewelry box, if you could, visit it! Get lost in the small streets of the Old City, negotiate with the Arab marketer, see the Western wall with your own eyes, touch the stones. Go through next to it in the tunnels. Buy one box of grape at the Machne Yehuda Market, and choose from the selection of the spices there!

The last night was a bit ruined because of the sirens, Hammas is attacking Israel again when this will end?


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