I wanted to write about my experiences, thought after spending almost three months in Israel, of course including the Jewish people too.

It’s very sad to see all this antisemitism spreading in the world, also in Hungary. I never liked to have an opinion about things I don’t know especially if I don’t have too much information about it. Like for example Jewish people. You can not have an opinion about a nation, a religion, a big group of people based on that you know 2 of them, you heard something from your family, you read 2 articles. If anyone feels to share his opinion, feel free, but please avoid any antisemitism!

For me, Israel is still a beautiful country with amazing landscapes, interesting people, awesome food. Of course, the weather is great also since I got to Hungary, it’s raining, cloudy, also cold, therefore I miss the warm weather, the beach. I cannot believe how you survived this windy, cold, rainy weather during this summer in Hungary. You have all my respect!

Couple of things I learned from the Israeli people

  • Be direct! No paltering, tell your opinion! If you got hurt, you’re grateful for something, you want something!
  • Enjoy life! Don’t take too seriously your life, don’t worry too much! If you can rest, rest for real!
  • Travel, see the world, get to know different cultures! Almost everyone I met, traveled somewhere in the world, I heard great stories, saw pictures, it was really inspiring. Ok, now you will tell me, it’s not for everyone and the ticket to Thailand is really expensive. Let’s dream, haha? I think, if you believe that you can do this kind of things, you can do it! Start to make efforts, and it will become real!
  • Do sport! In Tel Aviv, most of the people are doing something no matter they have the time or not. I know somebody who’s going to the gym sometimes at 11 pm after work. So, what’s your excuse?
  • Eat more vegetables! In Israel, most of the meal contains salad. They have many variations of it,  sometimes with fruits also. Experiment with the tastes!

Some weird sentences I got

  • – If I were not gay, I would marry you!
  • – Can I get your phone number? – No. – Then your e-mail address?
  • – Judit, You should go to Gaza for a couple of days!
  • – Where are you from? You have a weird accent. – I’m Hungarian. – Oh, I thought Scottish.

That’s it for now. If you’re curious, book a ticket to Israel, and go! In a case of the low budget, try Couchsurfing, I had just good experiences with it!

Thank you, Israel! I definitely come back!

From next week, I’m writing my posts from the USA. So, a new exciting adventure is coming! Have fun too!


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