I guess it’s hugely my fault, that i needed 27 years to finally test myself for food allergies. I felt before that something is not kosher, but i had the feeling is the wheat causing problems. Now I can tell, i have a primary lactose allergy and based on this a gluten sensitivity.

What it means?

I can not eat any kind of diary or food contains diary, and the doctor said i needed to follow a strict gluten free diet for a whole year. No wheat and his friends. I can already see i need to pay a lot of attention. It’s not enough anymore to search for fresh ingredients, but i need to know if anything is contaminated with something i’m not allowed to eat.

I say, I’m a lucky person still, I know what makes me feel bad, so I can avoid them and I feel much better already. Of course traveling doesn’t make it easy, I can’t cook for myself all the time. But It’s all about organization. When we stay in hotel I always have a nice box of coconut milk in the fridge to put into my coffee.

In Mexico, the situation is pretty nice. I can eat the tortilla made by corn, the salsa contains all the good stuff, i need to avoid cheese and sour cream of course, so the password is: ‘no queso por favor’. Fruits, green juices, guacamole, nachos, taco, are more than welcome!


Sometimes there are some cool surprises, like almond, coconut milk in the coffeeshops. I don’t think it’s well-known that in case of diary allergies, they don’t suggest you to replace milk with soya, because it’s very common, that you will get a cross allergy and you can not have in the end soy neither. Tricky, hahh! Sometimes it’s okay, but not everyday!

I see more and more gluten free bread, muffins, cakes everywhere. I wish it would be more and more! Because food allergies are serious problems these days!

Last but not least, if you feel any weird, you get sick sometimes “without any reason”, go test yourself. I would’ve been happy if someone did forced me to go years ago!

Now i go to make tropical smoothie with banana, cantaloupe, pineapple, almond milk and lot of ice! Have fun!

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