In real time we already left Japan, but I’m still under its impression. Let’s continue the guide about the neighborhoods, then later I can write you about my favorite topic: food.

4. Roppongi

If you prefer more lively places, come to Roppongi. You can meet here a lot of foreigners, the bars are next to each other, and more likely you’ll find some clubs too.

Within some walk, you can reach Tokyo Tower, at night with the brick colored light it has a very impressive look.

Art lovers should come here too, many museums are waiting to inject some art into your daily life. We went to MORI, to see a Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami’s exhibition. They are open daily until 10 pm, except on Sunday.

tokyo neighborhood roppongi

5. Ginza

Two words describe Ginza: luxury and sushi. You can find here the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is the biggest in the world. Every day (except the last day of the week), more than 400 kind of seafood is available for purchase, like 300 kg tuna and some whale species.

If you’re a hardcore person, and you don’t care about waking up really early, you might check out the tuna auction by yourself, and then you can taste the fresh fish in one of the restaurants located at the market.

The most prestigious sushi restaurants can be found in Ginza, amongst the ones having Michelin star(s). In the case of sushi, the price can vary in a high range, the only question is: what is the price you would like to spend on these tasty pieces. In the next post I’ll suggest some amazing restaurants, not forgetting the budget, but good ones.

As I mentioned earlier, Ginza is offering high-luxury brands. If your heart beats faster hearing the names: Louis Vitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spades, Michael Kors, then this is the place for you!

If you are like me, without less interest in brands, you can still enjoy the amazing architecture and the good vibe here!

tokyo neighborhood ginza

6. Akihabara

Aka, Electric Town. As the name says, you can find here everything that its electronic, video game, or accessories. I think, in case you can find something here, it doesn’t even exist. You can also find here the old video games as well, what a nostalgic experience.

Akihabara is offering a lot of theme cafes and restaurants, like a cat, owl cafés. Sometimes you can get coupons to these places from the dressed up girls on the street.

We spent here a nice afternoon with playing video games and then eating Indian dinner.

Be prepared for the colors and neon advertisement!

tokyo neighborhood akihabara

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7. Odaiba

We spent the second months here, in Tokyo Bay. It was really interesting to be a bit outside of the hustle bustle, but also having the opportunity to jump on one of the subway lines and be somewhere else in a moment. We didn’t feel that we have fewer things to do here, or we didn’t have something we needed.

In every single neighborhood you have almost everything you could imagine. I think it’s one of the biggest advantages of Tokyo.

Just around us, there were 5 shopping malls, within 10 minutes walking distance. I’m not saying this is an essential for example, I want to point on the fact, that if this was the situation in Tokyo Bay, imagine then what it’s like in Shibuya. 🙂

This is the place where I went to a Madame Tussauds museum for the first time, which was a lot of fun. Compare to the other countries, I think here I saw the cheapest entry ticket (around 13 dollars).

In Tokyo Bay, you can jump on the ferry which can take you to Asakusa. A real cool program, especially in good weather. You can bring your own food, drink, we used the opportunity to have some sangria on the river cruise.

tokyo neighborhoods odaiba

These were my favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo. But feel free to take the subway and discover new areas, enjoy the diversity and new places!

What about a weekend getaway?

We went to Yokohama for a long weekend, which can be reached by subway, easily in about 40 minutes. The city has a population of 3 million people at the moment.

You need to visit China Town here, which is the largest in the world. Super good Asian food, souvenirs can be found here and really fun to walk through.

Having some culture time? Visit Yokohama’s museums, including the Ramen museum.

tokio merre yokohama

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If you wanted to be close to the Mt. Fuji? I heard good things about Haneda, but many villages, small cities offer some relaxing time, even sometimes with a Japanese onsen bath.

Here you go, the Tokyo Neighborhood Guide is just ended by now, next time let’s talk about Japanese food

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