I just realized yesterday that the first month just has gone. I still have 2 months to stay, and we will see…

I’m drinking my mint tea having a day off, and i’m wondering about what should i put in my malawach when it’s ready.

As you could see i mentioned zen city in the title…Am i crazy? Maybe you feel uncomfortable a bit, war, rockets, crazy nightlife, etc. How can this girl say anything like that about Tel Aviv? I need to share this feeling with you, because it surprises me also.

I like to be calm, i like to be amazed by the landscape, by the smell, by the noises of the environment around me. I like to be part of the universe, part of something good. I like to be loved.

What are my zen moments here?

I give you some example.

  • eating a freshly cooked falafel
  • swimming in the sea
  • playing matkot at the beach
  • walking in the market
  • staring at the buildings in the street
  • sitting in the Meir Garden
  • feeling the sand with my hand
  • drinking a beer at the beach
  • cooking with friends
  • get a fresh mint from the market
  • drinking a freshly squeezed orange juice
  • feeling the sun on my face
  • having my coffee on a terrace
  • eating a fresh hummus
  • having an interesting conversation with strangers/friends
  • getting a smile from strangers
  • meeting incredible people
  • learning something new everyday
  • noticing that i have surrounded by palm trees
  • doing yoga in my room
  • feeling the wind at Rothschild boulevard
  • trying convince people that Hungarians are cool 🙂

I don’t say that you can’t get these moments anywhere in the world, and please have it! That’s why we are living on this world, to enjoy every minute of it!

For some reason Tel Aviv is my ZEN city!

What about yours? Where do you feel the calmness and joy?

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