Malawach my new favorite, it’s like the child of the Hungarian lángos and strudel. Usually, they serve with boiled eggs and raw tomato sauce. I use to buy the frozen version. You heat a frying pan and put one malawach on it. You cook one side and then the other, it takes some minutes and that’s it, you can enjoy the amazing taste.

I hacked the original version a bit, I ate with eggplant creme, cottage cheese, and vegetables. Today with jam! I guess my Israeli friends will kick my ass for this! Sorry, it was like heaven, for real! Anyway somebody will try with me!

In Hungary lately, i ate almost gluten free. Here I’m still a  bit lost in the grocery stores. Many times they don’t write any English on the food…That’s why I bought once sour cream instead of yogurt, haha. Today I was happy cause finally I found tapioca starch, so I can start to make my gluten free pizza and pancake…wonderful!!

Let’s eat!




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