After Krabi, the faith (or Bangkok Airways) brought us to this unbeliavable island, in south of Thailand. Fifty minutes flight and we arrived to the cutest airport i’ve ever seen in my life. Tropical bamboo huts next to each other, without any big usual airport building. So, this is Koh Samui, the place I’ve dreamed about for years.


Why this place is so special?

Crystal clear ocean, white sand, hot wind. Of course you need to find the perfect location for that. Not all of the beaches of Samui are like that. We’ve been in several places, and i liked Chaweng Beach the most. It was exactly how ┬ái’ve just written.


How to get to B from A? Tuk-tuk (bigger version), cab, are the best. But, the prices are way more expensive than Bangkok. From the airport to your accommodation can cost easily 10 dollars. I suggest you to bargain all the time, no matter if it’s a taxi, clothes, souvenir, even a hotel room. For adventurous people, there is another option, renting a scooter. But it’s a fact, that the roads in Samui are pretty busy and the thai people are driving on the other side of the road, so it’s a bit dangerous. Daily 10 (!) accidents occur just in this island. Whenever you rent a vehicle, please be super careful my friend!


We tried AirBnb, but it was disappointing. Even though the place had lot of good references, it was not even close to the advertised one. By the way, that was the second similar story in Thailand….maybe we are not that lucky in this thing.

But, no worries, there are plenty option to sleep somewhere, from the really cheap to the really expensive ones. We found a newly built hotel, and it was just everything we needed. Ozo, at the Chaweng Beach. For 84 dollars per night, bright, well designed room. At the pool there is always a cool deal, so you can have a cold smoothie, or a colorful cocktail. The breakfast was just perfect, fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, omelet, whatever you wanted. I’m quite laughing on myself now, that I’m so enthusiastic about this place, but it was fucking perfect. I miss it so much!


My heart is melting now, even if i just think about all the smell, taste, colors we experienced where ever we went. Koh Samui is the heaven if you like to eat. Green curry, massaman curry, pad thai, fried rice, etc. And the fact that we are really close to India, you gonna eat the best indian food ever.

I found a conclusion: the best restaurant are the ones, where you’re sweating like a whore in church. Most of the time there is no AC, they are trying to cool down the place with some fan, not with good efficiency. But this is part of the experience! ­čÖé

Here are some places, you can not miss!

  • Ninja Crepes

Thai food, you can choose from more hundreds of meals. Papaya salad, fried rice. But a must is fried ice cream! It’s like a┬ádumpling filled with a scoop of ice cream, oh God! It’s just delicious.┬á


  • Noori India

Oh, that garlic naan, the butter chicken, the palak paneer, and the saffron rice. Amazing flavor, smell, during the two weeks, we visited this restaurant three times.


  • Crystal

I ate here one of the best pad thai, if i remember well, for like 60 baht (2 dollars). Minimal design, crazy good food, and of course sweating.

  • Twins Restarurant

We found this restaurant on the main road of Maenam Beach. Immediately we fall in love with this place. Whenever we ordered something, it was perfect. Perfect and cheap. On the picture you can see Massaman curry and shark.


At Koh Samui’s streets you can see some cars offering The Best Pancake, i’m suggesting to have the nutella-banana one, more than a joy.

If you need something cold, then smoothie, smoothie!

Beach vendors

If you’re laying at the beach, you can see some people carrying huge amount of stuff. At the beach, you can buy whatever you want, or don’t even want. Bikinis, clothes, toys, henna tattoo, jewelry, towel, food, drink, ice cream, decoration, and who knows what else. My favorite was a woman selling grilled corn, deep fried spring rolls, and tons of deliciousness. My precious was the grilled corn, she always gave me some small gift, like coconut or mini banana.

Beach Vendors

Beach Vendors


Not a lot of things are better than have a one hour massage at the beach. Listening to the sounds of the ocean makes you relax and all of this for 10 dollars. There are many places offering massage for even cheaper price. Don’t miss it!


After two weeks in Samui, we flew to Chiang Mai, in North of Thailand. In the next post you can read about the situation, when you want to stay more than one month in the country. North, national parks, zoo, elephant camps and other exciting adventures. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, some pictures about our trip in Samui!

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