So, here we go, i have less than two weeks left in Israel, and then I fly back to the heart of Europe, to Hungary to spend a little time there. A bit that sadness takes part of my days already, even then I know that I’ll come back for sure.

I’m not sure if I can keep that calmness in my mind also in Hungary, that scares me a bit.

During the next weeks, i try to enjoy my stay as much as I can, having a lot of fun. Many beach time, a bit Jerusalem, coffee at the terrace, friends, Israeli market, long walk, yoga, cooking times.

It’s always interesting to remember our first stay here, we spent only 6 days here with my sister, and we had so many experiences already, so why I’m complaining about this 12 days….it’s a huge amount of time. Of course, I shouldn’t live in the past or in the future, just enjoy the now.

I show you my new favorite dessert, the fresh yellow date, it’s just amazing. Anyway, I became a huge fan of Medjool dates. If I needed some sweet, I eat 2 of them, and the world peace re-stabilizes again.

In my last weeks I’ll do Couchsurfing, so it must be an interesting, exciting time also, finished in the end with a goodbye party.

I’m really grateful for the best summer I had so far, thanks to the faith for guiding me here. I learned many things about me, also a lot of things got clear during this time.

Thanks, Israel!

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