Krabi: the heaven on earth

Krabi: the heaven on earth

Hi My Dear,

It was enough of Bangkok, so we decided to head to the islands; ocean, sand, lots of sun, that’s what we needed. On the same day, we booked a flight with Air Asia, two people, destination: Krabi, cost: 100 dollars. They have also international flights, not just domestic. You can easily reach China, India, Malaysia or Australia for a reasonable price.

After the capital, Krabi seemed like a heaven on the earth, but not so fast – before reaching our place, we had a quiet “nice” boat drive. Our hotel was reachable only by water. We arrived to the pier of Krabi, where they have let us know, that their boat had some problem, so they are trying to find us another one. Hmm, that would be okay in daytime, but it was the middle of the night, dark, dark ceiling.

10 minutes later, they came with a long tail boat. Below you can find a picture which tells everything.



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