Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

We were already planning from the beginning to go to the north of Thailand. Of course we also heard from a lot of people, that it’s amazing, especially if someone likes nature. In the last years, i guess i became really sensitive to the nature around me. I see a nice flower, color, hill, mountain, river or any beautiful thing and it imbues my soul immediately, sometimes even too much, so it needs to leave through my eyes :).

I had the feeling, that they took out all the good things from Bangkok: big city atmosphere, lot of restaurants, coffee shops, public transport, culture; they surrounded with lot of green, national parks, mountains, and that’s how Chiang Mai was born.

We spent two weeks here, and i bet i don’t even need to say, in the end it was really hard to leave, also because it was the end of our amazing 5 weeks long supertrip in Thailand.

How to have fun in Chiang Mai?

Lot of national parks are located around the city as i mentioned before. You can go for a hike, or even use the zipline in the forest like a Tarzan. We actually didn’t try this one.


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