You could already read some tips for preparing to travel somewhere. I also wrote some suggestions to make your trip more safe, and about packing.

Maybe You felt it wasn’t enough, and I totally agree with You! Even that you have maybe the flight ticket, it’s hard to go! Years ago it was tough for me too, but I made a decision I would never regret. You’re not alone with it, look what I just collected here!

My doubts before my first trip:

  1. I’m gonna be totally alone: Me, in a foreign country, no one around who I would know, to ask for some help or just to talk. Partially this is true: you need to organize the whole trip, the accommodation, you need to get there, find the place where you gonna sleep that night. But You’re not gonna be alone. I totally believe in a collective help that we are surrounded. Someone is always there to help you, sometimes you do not even need to ask for it. Head’s up, and believe i it, everything is gonna be just fine! In case You need any help, don’t be afraid to ask for it! It’s not a shame at all!
  2. It’s gonna be dangerous: When you leave your home, it’s already risky. I could specify at least 20 things could happen with you in 2 minutes. If you left your place today, you can travel to a different place too.
  3. I’m afraid to be alone: Yes, It’s totally normal. Maybe in the beginning it will be a bit interesting, weird feeling, but being alone needs some practice too, you need to experiment, until you start to enjoy it. It gives you some amazing experience, you start to respect yourself, and begin to enjoy the life alone. Don’t forget you are the only one who will be always there! You should get used to You :).
  4. What If…? I was also thinking about bad things can happen with me. Don’t prepare for the worst case scenario. Be positive!
  5. It’s a waste of money? If someone asked me today about this, I would definitely say: Hell, No! But it wasn’t always the same. Traveling is like a good massage. Until you didn’t try it, you’re wondering why people love it so much and spend money on it. And then you experiment it, and you have the total belief that it worth every penny. That’s how I feel about traveling, I prefer to buy a flight ticket instead of an expensive bag.
  6. I don’t know anyone there: Maybe it’s better like this. Be open, talk to people! A smile helps every time no matter where you are in the world!

san francisco

Do you have any expectation about your trip?

Do you want to spend some time alone? Or You feel like you want to meet new people? You can already visualize this, of course it’s not something you can not change during your time there.

When I first went to Mexico, in the first days I didn’t even want to talk to anyone. I spent my days with eating delicious tropical breakfast every single morning, drinking coffee, spending time at the beach, getting tan, watching Friends, listening to music. Sometimes I walked to the city center, and that’s it! I thought this is the best vacation ever. That time I needed this experience!

in Israel it was a mixed stay. I was really social and in the meantime I had lot of lonely time too. At this period, that was the best thing to do. I find these things really interesting to even just think about it. It’s worth to listen to our feelings, intuition, because you can feel many times what path you need to follow. I could tell some stories about that too. 🙂

What you will get from it?

  1. You learn to respect Yourself: If you didn’t start it yet, now it’s a great opportunity! When you arrive home after your trip, it’s an unbelievable feeling to looking at your pictures, and realize that you did the whole thing just alone!
  2. Self-respect: If a lonely trip doesn’t give it, then nothing can! Nothing is better than believe in Yourself, it helps you in all areas of your life.
  3. Motivation: For what? To travel again! And to know that you are capable of lot of things!
  4. Refills you: You come back with new energy, bringing lot of inspiration you collected on the road!
  5. Connections: Maybe not friendship for a lifetime, but you will remember always the lady who was smiling at you when you asked for a pad thai without shrimp, and when you said your first spanish words without any fear in Mexico.
  6. Memories: That’s what the pictures for, or the bracelet you got for 1 dollar. I really like to make videos during the trip. Sometimes it can give you the same feeling when you were there.

In case you have any question, you find me on Facebook. Love ya!

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