Israel, You’re wonderful!

Israel, You’re wonderful!

So, Guys, here we are, my first English post about what I’m doing now.

I had one quite big luggage, I have put some clothes on it, and I reached my flight to Tel Aviv. That’s it!

Why Israel?

The most frequent question I get here, anyway.

I have been twice in Israel, first with my sister, then I visited her during her holiday.

I’m in love with the country. It has a special vibe, an atmosphere, a rhythm. The food is amazing, and an important thing, you can meet wonderful people, actually the most carrying people on the world.

There is the beach, and also the Dead Sea. When you’re there, the only thing you can do, just staring, and not believing that you are there.

Sometimes people have the feeling, it’s time to go. Have you felt that before? I felt like I’m in a cage in Hungary, I don’t have opportunities there. Sad, but true. I thought I give a try with Israel, and go with the flow.

Anyway, to be a non-Jewish in Israel is quite hard, to get a working visa is almost impossible. We will see what can I do. I still have 2 months to stay without any problem.

What about attachments?

I noticed something. I was strictly attached to my objects, now I don’t have too many things here, I still can be happy. You know what I mean? You don’t need your things, forget about them…the only thing you need, it’s you, a big smile, confidence, iand an open mind to the new things around you.

What about people?

Be open, always, you can never know who will be your new friend. Take care of them! And don’t stress about them! (Very important). Sometimes you’re disappointed, but the thing is that you can’t own a person! Be grateful for meet them, and that’s it!

It’s amazing to meet all of these people. I had so interesting conversations about the culture, the army, their feelings about the war, the religion. All this different point of views make you think, change your mind. That’s whatIenjoy the most.

What about the war?

It’s sad but people get used to it here, you hear the alarms almost every day, you follow the rules, and then you just continue your life. Of course everyone wants peace. It’s not funny when you’re friend are recruited to the army, and everybody’s worrying about them. First i had really bad feelings about the war, it was so new for me. And the fact that rockets are coming, we could die…it’s tough. I was amazed about the Iron Doam, amazing system to detect and deactivate most of the rockets…what would we do without it?

What about the food?

Oh, my favorite part…my beloved place is the market here, with all of the fresh vegetables, fruits, pita, spices, orange juice, falafel. I go there at least 4 times per week. I love the colors, the smell, the noises.

It’s hot now, so i eat lot of salads, sweet potatoes, grapes, mango. Oh, mango 🙂

Also the coffee is great and the breakfast, you cannot imagine how great it is. With all these fresh ingredients. I love it!

This is the end of the first post, stay tuned and get to know more about Israel! Don’t forget to smile!


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