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Let’s talk about the ultra orthodox community a bit. I was really interested in this subject because i didn’t know too much about it.

My first impression was in Jerusalem. As it was super hot i was wearing short trouser and i got the name of “shiksa”, it means not Jewish woman, and it’s kind of an insult (bitch, you know). Religion, that’s it, you need to accept it!

Last time when i was there, i was a bit lost, so i asked some people to show me the way to the bus station. Usually they don’t speak English, or just a little, the children are covering their eyes…it’s quite difficult to make contact, especially with women if they give you the devil eye.  Thanks God for having GPS at least.

The ultra orthodox Jewish are not going to the army, basically they are living from their religion. They give almost the 10% of Israel population and most of the people doesn’t recognize Israel as a real state of country.


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